As the Marvel wedding of the decade draws near, Kitty and Colossus take a break from saving the world to celebrate with their friends in X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1. But, like most bachlor/ette parties, things don’t exactly go as planned. As any X-Men reader knows, where there’s an X-Man taking a much needed vacation, there’s usually a mutant-hating monster not far behind.

Famed X-Men writer Chris Claremont returns to the mutant-led franchise, along with numerous other writers and artists including Marc Guggenheim, Kelly Thompson, Todd Nauck, Greg Land, Marika Cresta, Rachelle Rosenberg, Jason Keith, and Federico Blee. The issue is split into three light-hearted stories. These stories cover everything from Kitty’s pre-wedding jitters to Colossus’ hellish night in Las Vegas. While not a serious read, X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 is perfect for Kitty and Colossus fans who want more info on the famous couple’s upcoming marriage.

X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Dream Before

Chris Claremont’s contribution is the first mini-story in the issue and, like everything Claremont has done, it fails to disappoint. He tackles Kitty Pryde’s pre-wedding fears, which have been hinted at in numerous issues of X-MEN GOLD. In the story, Kitty retells her extensive past with the X-Men. While working at the Belles of Hell bar, she begins to worry about her relationship with Colossus. But, her anxiety is eased when three “ghosts” from her past show up and encourage her to follow her heart.

The plot is a little cheesy and melodramatic (for a short story, there are a lot of tears). But, everything works because Kitty Pryde’s history is a little over the top as well. She got stuck in a massive bullet, befriended a purple dragon, and wore a shirt that said “BITCH” for her first day at a new school. Her character is kind of crazy, which is why Claremont’s story works so well.

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Todd Nauck’s illustrations help get this concept across. Kitty’s unnaturally wide brown eyes and 80’s-esque bartender outfit only emphasize the absurdity of the pseudo-ghost story. Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg’s intense color choices help highlight this too.

I don’t think this story is for everyone. But, for those who really want a closer examination of Kitty’s character, this issue is for you.

X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Boys’ Night Out

In the second story, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Greg Land send Colossus on a wild bachelor party in Las Vegas. But, Colossus, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Pyro, and Gambit get more than they expected when their boys’ night out turns into an all-out casino brawl thanks to a mutant-hating demon.

Guggenheim perfectly captures Colossus’ pent-up stress surrounding the wedding, which has been less obvious than Kitty’s own anxieties. Since Colossus isn’t as vocal as Kitty, it’s hard to show how he feels about the wedding. Instead of using a lot of dialogue to show Colossus’ pre-wedding jitters, Guggenheim uses the one thing Peter Rasputin is best at: fighting. Colossus’ buddies realize that the fight with the casino-crashing demon is strangely cathartic for the anxious Colossus, so they let him handle it on his own. Through physically fighting, Colossus is able to release a bunch of tension.

Artist Greg Land’s talent really shines in the action scenes, where Colossus is fighting the casino demon. It’s difficult to make action poses look natural, but Land does a great job. Colorist Jason Keith’s ability to create the reflective surface of Colossus’ skin also helps these panels become especially realistic.


X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Something Old

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Marika Cresta take on the final story, which tells the tale of Kitty’s bachelorette party. For some reason, Kitty’s band of girlfriends think it’s a good idea to bring the reluctant bachelorette to “stripperoke” — which is exactly what it sounds like. During a precious moment away from the group, Kitty’s old nemesis Callisto attacks her. Kitty’s superior fighting skills easily take the woman down. Afterwards, Kitty’s surprised to hear that Callisto is not there to hurt her but to warn her. Callisto thinks Kitty is going to hurt Colossus (who Callisto was once involved with).

Callisto leaves and Kitty gets back to the party, but the confrontation isn’t quickly forgotten. It’s interesting why Thompson decided to include that scene with Callisto. Is it ominous foreshadowing? Is Kitty going to hurt Colossus in the future? While nothing can be said for certain, I definitely think we haven’t seen the last of Callisto — or her warning.

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After Kitty returns from her fight with Callisto, she receives a massive champagne bottle from a mysterious “E.F.” Although it would’ve been even better to see her in the story, it’s great that Thompson included Emma Frost in Kitty’s bachelorette party. They have a lot of history (check out ASTONISHING X-MEN) and I don’t think their relationship has been explored enough in recent years. Will Emma be at their wedding? Probably not but we can hope!

Final Thoughts on X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1

X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 brings together a ton of great talent and offers three fun stories about one of the X-Men’s most beloved couples. While the stories don’t contain a lot of important plot points, they do provide some in-depth characterization that Kitty and Colossus fans won’t be able to get anywhere else.

X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 by Chris Claremont, Marc Guggenheim, Kelly Thompson, Todd Nauck, Greg Land, Marika Cresta, Rachelle Rosenberg, Jason Keith, and Federico Blee
X-MEN: WEDDING SPECIAL #1 might not be much of a serious read, but that doesn't mean it's not good. Instead of being purely about kicking ass and being a superhero, this issue focuses on Kitty's past and her relationships with both Colossus and other mutants, like Callisto and Wolverine. While it may not be required reading for X-MEN GOLD, it's a nice companion piece that pushes Kitty's character development a step further.
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