Marvel’s newest X-Men team returns next week for X-MEN: RED #2! In the second issue of Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar’s must-read mutant comic, we follow Jean Grey and her team as they undertake a daring mission!

During the events of X-MEN: RED #1, the recently resurrected Jean Grey decided she wanted to help heal the world of its divisions. To do so, she gathered the world’s greatest minds and reached out to Namor of Atlantis and T’Challa of Wakanda. She used telepathy to combine their ideas into a solution in order to end the hate permeating across our world. Jean was close to succeeding in her ideas after speaking in front of the United Nations. However, just as things looked to be going Jean’s way, the British ambassador’s head exploded in front of her.

Jean Grey Hatches a Plan in X-MEN RED #1

Now in X-MEN: RED #2, people blame Jean and her team for the attack on the British ambassador. It is ironic that Jean’s actions to solve the division between humans and mutants actually created greater division. Now anti-mutant radicals battle pro-mutant groups across the nation. Luckily, Jean, Laura Kinney AKA Wolverine, Gabby Kinney AKA Gabby Kinney, and Kurt Wagner AKA Nightcrawler, have escaped to Wakanda where T’Challa offers them asylum.

It is tempting for Jean and her friends to stay in the paradisaical Wakanda. Yet if we know anything about Jean, it’s that she’ll never stop fighting for what’s right. She soon learns of a mutant named Trinary who is locked up in a high-security prison in India. Jean is fast to volunteer to save her. Yet when this prison has not only guards but Sentinels as security, you’ll know that the X-Men will have a challenge on their hands. Will Jean, Laura, Kurt, and Gabby rescue Trinary in X-MEN: RED #2?

Don’t forget to look out for Ryan Stegman’s Wolverine story at the end of the issue! It’s sure to be killer.

Look for X-MEN: RED #2 in Comic Bookstores on March 7th!

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