If you have been keeping up with X-MEN GOLD as of late, then you certainly know how crazy the last few issues have been! From the wedding of the century that never took place to Mesmero’s abrupt return, the series has definitely not hesitated to throw its readers for a loop. Now, X-MEN GOLD #32 continues the madness of the series. This time though, that madness, unfortunately, comes in the form of none other than Rachel Summers.

In X-MEN GOLD #31, Mesmero managed to manipulate Rachel’s mind, taking control of it. Now, that possession has dangerously escalated as Rachel prepares to fight Iceman and the rest of the X-Men to the death.

As that conflict persists, another is brewing beneath the surface. Despite the two officially parting ways, the breakup between Colossus and Kitty Pryde is still the talk of the town. As a result, the final panels of X-MEN GOLD #32’s preview features Illyana Rasputin expressing immense regret to Storm. Illyana feels responsible for the couple’s breakup since she expressed her doubts about the marriage to Kitty the night before the couple’s wedding was supposed to take place.

Days of Future Past Returns in X-MEN GOLD #31

Storm attempts to reassure Illyana, reminding her that she was only looking out for her friend when she expressed her sentiments. Illyana isn’t so sure.

So, what will ultimately ease Illyana of her guilt? What will rid Mesmero’s hold on Rachel Summers mind? Will Kitty and Colossus reunite?

Well, we don’t exactly know yet since X-MEN GOLD #32 doesn’t hit stands until July 18th. So, until then, check out ComicsVerse’s preview for the upcoming issue below!

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X-MEN GOLD #32 Image Gallery

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