So a friend and I were talking about our favorite X-Men characters and the disappointing horror that X-MEN: THE LAST STAND was (don’t worry Brett Ratner, I still watch the movie, like every day).  We asked ourselves what actors we’d cast as our favorite heroes in X-MEN 4 should there ever be one.

So, here are some of our picks for X-MEN 4!

How about Emma Frost as portrayed by Julie Benz in X-Men 4?

Whoever is playing Emma Frost has a daunting challenge on their hands. They have to have the right amount of sex appeal and balance it with a superior intellect and wit. If you don’t remember Julie Benz as the soft-voiced Darla on ANGEL, you might remember her from the Showtime series- DEXTER, playing Dexter’s wife, Rita. Hollywood can search far and wide, and it should, but Julie Benz is the only actress with the looks, voice, and acting chops to pull off a powerhouse character like Emma Frost.

Emma Frost in X-Men 4?Julie Benz in X-Men 4?

Havok/Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel as the younger brother of Cyclops was an obvious choice. I mean you think of Havok, what comes to mind? Blonde, Kick-Ass and under the shadow of his older brother, Cyclops. If I were him and was feeling less than Cyke, all I’d have to do is look in the mirror. Travis can do this.
Havok in X-Men 4?Travis Fimmel in X-Men 4?

Polaris/Keri Lynn Pratt

I love the idea of a Polaris played by Keri Lynn Pratt. I see |Lorna Dane as a San Francisco Vegan Liberal with green streaks in her blonde hair. After all, she’s spent years as an archeologist or was Havok the archeologist and she the anthropologist?. I must’ve been reading comics that day of science class in junior high. Keri Lynn Pratt has played a psycho obsessed with (of all people) Jennifer Beals in VH1’s Slowburn. She’s played a teenager who kills her unborn baby in LAW AND ORDER, and a teen who just lost a buttload of weight in Drive Me Crazy with Adrian Grenier. She has the chops to pull of Magneto’s daughter in a non-obvious but riveting way.
Polaris in X-Men 4?X-Men 4 Casting?

Gambit/Josh Holloway

Josh, we know you’ve turned down the role of Gambit in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and that it eventually was supposed to go to Channing Tatum of Step Up fame, but come on studio guys! PAY THE MAN A LOT OF MONEY. If he thinks it’s too much like his character on LOST, a few million should do the trick. No one else can pull this off like he can. It’s too perfect. I mean…HELLO! Josh, you should know you’d make a lot of lives worth living should you accept the role. Do it for humanity,
Gambit in X-Men 4?Josh Holloway in X-Men 4?

Magik/Azura Skye

Very rarely do I have moments of brilliance, in fact, this may be the first one. Azura Skye starred in BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER season seven in the episode entitled “Conversations with Dead People.” She gave a beautiful and heartbreaking performance that left many Buffy fans with un-dry eyes. She has the perfect combination of darkness, cuteness, intelligence and vulnerability Illyana Rasputin would need to possess to convince us, comic lovers, that she’s been successfully brought alive on the big screen. Azura Skye currently starred in ONE MISSED CALL out in theaters in January 2008. She’s one to watch!
Magik - Illyana Rasputin in X-Men 4?Azura Skye in X-Men 4?

Cannonball/Josh Henderson

We forgive you for dating Paris Hilton and for getting Marcia Cross’s daughter on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES pregnant. Something I won’t forget or forgive Josh Henderson for is his performance in FX’s OVER THERE, a drama about the war in Iraq where Josh played a Vet who’s lost his leg in an insurgent attack in the pilot episode of the show. Josh had all the emotional stuff going on, and apparently, in STEP UP, ladies loved Josh Henderson.
Cannonball Sam Guthrie in X-Men 4?Josh Henderson in X-Men 4?

Warpath/Rudy Youngblood

Rudy Youngblood of Mel Gibson’s alarmingly offensive and historically inaccurate APOCALYPTO may seem like an obvious choice because he could pass for a Native American Apache (like Americans know what an Apache looks like when we can’t find our country on a map). Despite Mel Gibson’s attempt at connecting with people other than himself, Rudy Youngblood did a fantastic job in the movie. He has the talent to bring James Proudstar’s anger at the loss of his brother to live other actors of this look would not be able to do. |James Proudstar started off as the pupil of the White Queen who yearned for vengeance against Professor X for the death of his brother. James certainly is no softy. Give Rudy Youngblood a few months to pack on some muscle mass and I believe we have our Warpath.
Warpath in X-Men 4?Rudy Youngblood in X-Men 4?

Apocalypse/Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Adewale of LOSA, OZ, and MUMMY RETURNS fame would be an excellent choice for Apocalypse. Not only does he have the muscles but the guy is one of the most kick-ass actors to grace television sets at this moment. If anyone can play an Ancient Egyptian megalomaniac mutant hell bent on a biologically Darwinist agenda – Adewale can.
Apocalypse En Sabah Nur in X-Men 4?X-Men 4 casting?

Sinister/Arnold Voslo

Also of MUMMY and MUMMY RETURNS fame, Arnold, with some white face point and a red dot, would make an awesome Sinister. He’s proven on FOX’s 24 that he’s scary as all hell. You know what? He’s such a good actor he could pull anything off. Still, he’s my first choice to scare me as X-MEN 4’s Sinister.
Mister Sinister in X-Men 4?Arnold Vosloo in X-Men 4?

Amelia Voght/Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay Duncan is honestly one of my favorite actors of all time. Her portrayal of Servilla of the Junii in HBO’s ROME was some of the best acting I’ve ever seen on television ever. Lindsay has also appeared in BBC’s SPOOKS, HBO’s LONGFORD, and UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN with Diane Lane. Lindsay is such a great actress I’d cast her to play every single role in the film! I just can’t say enough great stuff about her. Seeing her play opposite Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier as his scorned ex-lover would be a dream come true for her fans and fans of the X-Men franchise in X-MEN 4.
Amelia Voght in X-Men 4?Actor - Lindsay Duncan in X-Men 4?

Quicksilver/Ben Price

Ben Price is best known for his portrayal as a sexually confused and much sought after English soccer player in BBC’s FOOTBALLER’S WIVE$. In the United States, this British Actor isn’t well known, but his talent keeps him a hot commodity across the pond in the U.K. Not only can he pull off being Magneto’s son but there’s also that incestuous relationship with his twin sister Wanda that would create an interesting dynamic in X-MEN 4!
Quicksilver in X-Men 4?Actor - Ben Price in X-Men 4?

Scarlet Witch/Indira Varma

Indira Varma is another alumni of HBO’s ROME. She has the chops to play Scarlet Witch|Wanda Maximoff completely in control and in charge of her life and powers, and she also has the vulnerability to pull off the Wanda plagued by her forgotten childhood. I can only image the feels she’d give us as she dealt with the guilt from the accidental murders of her Avengers teammates just before HOUSE OF M. This British Beauty, who is also half-Indian, would be the perfect choice to play either Scarlet Witch the makers of X-Men 4 desire.
Scarlet Witch in X-Men 4?Indira Varma in X-Men 4?

X-23/Nikki Reed

Not only does she bare an uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman (she could totally be his sister), Nikki Reed has the intelligence and the talent to bring one of the most well written X-Heroine’s to life. Hell, she scared the &@$% out of me in THIRTEEN as Evan Rachel Wood’s very troubled BFF, but she’s also got that sweet side she displayed on THE O.C. as Ryan’s post-Marissa girlfriend. Note to the producers of X-MEN 4: based on THIRTEEN, she might already have the claws.
X-23 in X-Men 4?Nikki Reed in X-Men 4?

Cassandra Nova/Helen Mirren

Who else is beautiful enough to go bald AND hold her own against Patrick Stewart? How about the only actress capable of bringing to life Queen Elizabeth the First and Queen Elizabeth the Second in the same friggin’ year! Helen Mirren needs no introduction nor explanation as to why she’d be the perfect choice to bring to life the greatest X-Villain of the 2000’s. She’s Helen Mirren. Amazing and uncanny is what she does best.
Cassandra Nova in X-Men 4?Helen Mirren in X-Men 4?

Bishop/Matthew St. Patrick

Bishop has been taken in a lot of new directions and has been wearing many hats lately; murderer, savior, victim, betrayer, etc. A character with that sort of complexity can only be portrayed by a great artist. Matthew St. Patrick plays BLADE on the small screen version of the Marvel Comics character which proves with out doubt he’s bad-ass. He also showed great sensitivity and range playing a conflicted gay cop in HBO’s SIX FEET UNDER. Combine these ingredients from his past roles plus the trauma Lucas Bishop endured in the mutant detention camps of the future and you’ve got one very promising role with one very promising actor to play it.

Matthew St. PatrickBishop

Lilandra Neramani/Sigourney Weaver

The space opera in the original “Dark Phoenix Saga” from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN may prove to be too much to contain properly in one movie. ULTIMATE X-MEN reinvents the Shi’ar Galaxy and Empress Lilandra Neramani as the Church of the Shi’ar Enlightenment with Majestrix Neramani heading the congregation. It’s parallels to modern day Scientology are brilliant as well as the re-telling of the Phoenix as a mythical creature forged in the creation of our universe and trapped within Earth only to be born again in mutant Jean Grey. Lilandra Neramani makes an excellent debut as the flirtatious and sexy investor in the Xavier Institute of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

Ultimate Lilandra NeramaniSigourney Weaver

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