Writer Greg Pak (WEAPON H, X-MEN PHOENIX – WARSONG) spread discord throughout the WEAPON X squad in the series’ last issue. Now, in WEAPON X #21, the journey continues as the series’ titular team falls under new leadership. The “Team Weapon X” arc concludes as Sabretooth is now in charge of the WEAPON X squad, and, unsurprisingly, a few people are not happy about the change.

In fact, Warpath quit the team because of Sabretooth’s new position in leadership. As a result, and as featured in the preview below, Sabretooth and Warpath decide to hash out their beef in a fierce battle. So, the opening pages of WEAPON X #21 feature an enjoyable balance between action and humor. This is most notable when Domino provides some witty comic relief during Sabretooth and Warpath’s violent confrontation.


Plenty of Guest Stars

In addition to its many leads, WEAPON X #21 also features appearances from characters such as Crimson Dynamo, Red Guardian, and Darkstar, who are ready for a fight.

It is safe to say the work will be a jam-packed one full of entertainment and familiar faces. Plus, with the hint of a grave being the end game, who knows what will happen? The preview pages also provide a look at Rahzzah’s cover for the upcoming ResurrXion entry. It is certainly a gripping cover, one full of dimension and gorgeous detail. It also captures Logan’s current state as a man struggling with his own mortality.

Unfortunately, WEAPON X #21 does not hit comic book stores until Wednesday, August 1st. So, until then, enjoy ComicsVerse’s first look preview at the upcoming issue below.

However, if you absolutely cannot wait to get your Wolverine and WEAPON X fix, we got you covered! Catch up on what’s happened in WEAPON X with our very own reviews, or purchase the last entry in the series, right here!

WEAPON X #21 Image Gallery

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