VAULT OF SPIDERS #1 Preview Promises a Deep Roster


VAULT OF SPIDERS #1 promises to have a deep roster, as can be the hope for all Spider-Geddon tie ins! The “gunslinging” Web-Slinger features in this preview that sets up a dark, scheming arachnid villain. Check out the preview below!

vault of spiders #1

Written by: James Asmus, Cullen Bunn, Jed Mackay, Nilah Magruder

Art by: Juan Gedeon, Javier Pulido, Sheldon Vella

Cover by: Giuseppe Camuncoli

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A SPIDER-GEDDON TIE IN! Only a Spider-Army can stop the end of the Multiverse! Meet Web-Slinger, the Spider-Man from the Wild West, in an unforgettable story by CULLEN BUNN (X-MEN BLUE) and JAVIER PULIDO (SHE-HULK)! He is the Emissary from Hell, he is SUPAIDAMAN! The Spider-Man from the live-action SPIDER-MAN show that aired in Japan in the 1970s is back in comics form in an insane story by JED MACKAY (EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON) and SHELDON VELLA (DEADPOOL, SPIDER-VERSE). And that’s just a glimpse into the VAULT OF SPIDERS!

VAULT OF SPIDERS #1 Preview Image Gallery

vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1 vault of spiders #1

vault of spiders #1
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