The X-Men Team Up for the Fight of the Century in X-MEN GOLD #25

Did the Gold team really think Scythian wouldn’t come back to haunt them? After defeating him once, Kitty’s team is forced to face one of their biggest threats again in X-MEN GOLD #25. Will the addition of another X-Men team be enough to save the Earth from complete destruction? Read to find out!


Mesmero Steals the Spotlight in X-MEN GOLD #22

Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Diego Bernard deliver an action-packed sequel to the first installment of the Brotherhood arc in X-MEN GOLD #22. Unfortunately, the issue neglects to develop it’s own team members and instead relies on more recycled villains. But, Bernard’s artwork and the hope for more original storylines in the future help keep this issue afloat.

X-Men Gold #8

X-MEN GOLD #8 Review: Trials of the X-Cutioner

SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN! Kitty Pryde leads the Gold team into battle with the mysterious X-Cutioner. With a high-intensity ninja battle taking this issue’s focus, everyone’s favorite mutants are facing life-or-death stakes yet again as they try to protect their young wards.