Cut Ice: Who's the Real Emma Frost?

Cut Diamond: Who’s the Real Emma Frost?

Emma Frost seems easy to define: ice cold, emotionless White Queen. But is there more to her than we’d like to admit? A study of her traumatic past and recent reckless ventures shows an emotionally vulnerable character that’s very different from the Emma Frost we thought we knew.

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 Review: A Shocking Revelation!

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN has, thus far, been a book that many people criticized for having a weirdly slow pace and taking too much time to “bring the band together”. In this issue though, after Colossus realizes what horrible plan Sinister has for him and his sister and Jean, Logan and the other X-Men manage to defeat demons of Limbo and secure X-Haven once again, the team unites in a battle against the Marauders – only to find out about the entirety of what – or whom – Essex has been experimenting on…