X-MEN BLUE #5 Review: Sinister Days Ahead

Though the X-MEN BLUE series has made an effort to allow each issue to encompass a self-contained story, X-MEN BLUE #5 slightly adjusts this formula in order to spend more time developing the overall conflict that will inevitably challenge the X-Men further. Despite this development though, the writers and artists continue to bring in new characters without rushing their introductions. As a result, X-MEN BLUE #5 brings a well-balanced issue to the table that moves the story into new directions.

X-MEN ’92 #1 Review: Blast from the Past

Within the pages of their first issue, writers Chris Sims & Chad Bowers and artist Alti Firmansyah bring the classic X-Men series right back to the top of its game. With stellar art, a fun new story and the classic characters everyone loves, it’s a comic unlike anything else on the stands today.