INHUMANS VS X-MEN #0 REVIEW: For Superfans and Completionists Only

INHUUMANS VS X-MEN #0 appears to be an attempt at dragging an event out in order to capitalize on completionists. While its plot could’ve been accomplished in a fragment of the comic’s 36 pages, writer Charles Soule does an excellent job portraying Emma Frost post-Cylcops’ death. Yet another prelude to INHUMANS VS X-MEN, this comic is redeemed by Soule’s magnificent characterization, and the impeccable artwork by Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown.

extraordinary x-men #5 cover

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #5 Review: The Return of Cyclops…? Or…?

It’s still rough times for the X-Men. And after defeating Sinister and his Marauders, Storm and her team find themselves facing a part-Inhuman version of Scott Summers – an experiment gone wrong or one of their oldest friends? Will the mutants manage to rescue their friends Illyana and Kurt, and what does the future of mutantkind look like after this book’s first story arc concludes?