all-new x-men #5 cover marvel comics

ALL-NEW X-MEN #5 Review: The Raging Blob!

The first four issues of Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley’s ALL-NEW X-MEN have been a fun, light-hearted ride spotlighting and characterizing some of the team’s adolescent heroes while disregarding the rest of the cast, with many strengths when it comes to art and characterization, but many weaknesses when it comes to the plot. While ALL-NEW X-MEN #5 manages to improve on some of the book’s weak points, it still comes across as flawed and as one of the weaker works of Dennis Hopeless…

extraordinary x-men #7 cover marvel comics

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #7 Review: Journey to the Center of the Nightcrawler!

We’re seven issues into Jeff Lemire’s take on the mutant side of the Marvel Universe, and even though his first and introductory story arc has not been well received by fans, I kind of felt like he finally has a grip on all of his characters and a specific plan about what to do with each of them. Overall, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #7 is an issue with solid art that gives us a great insight into the character of Nightcrawler and makes me confident that Lemire’s future revelations will be just as satisfying.

UNCANNY X-MEN #2 Review: A Hunt for Healers

After introducing us to their X-Force-esque team of Uncanny X-Man in issue #1, Cullen Bunn and Greg Land kick this issue off by introducing us to yet another member of the team: Mystique, who has apparently been investigating Someday Enterprises on her own for a while. As Magneto and Psylocke track the Dark Riders, who have murdered a mutant with a healing ability, they send Monet and Sabretooth on a mission to protect an old mutant ally…

extraordinary x-men #5 cover

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #5 Review: The Return of Cyclops…? Or…?

It’s still rough times for the X-Men. And after defeating Sinister and his Marauders, Storm and her team find themselves facing a part-Inhuman version of Scott Summers – an experiment gone wrong or one of their oldest friends? Will the mutants manage to rescue their friends Illyana and Kurt, and what does the future of mutantkind look like after this book’s first story arc concludes?

UNCANNY X-MEN (2016) #1 Review: “Uncanny X-Force! Wait…”

An X-Force-esque team of mutant anti-heroes kicks asses in UNCANNY X-MEN #1!

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Greg Land have accepted the challenge and kicked of the fourth volume of what has been one of the most important Marvel titles for decades. The first issue of their take on UNCANNY X-MEN kicks off with a team consisting of Magneto, Sabretooth, M, Psylocke and Archangel attacking trucks belonging to a company called “Someday Enterprises” – that apparently offers mutants a way to get into suspended animation and wake up in a far future without any Terrigen Mists. Something Magneto is everything but happy about…

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #4 Review: A Shocking Revelation!

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN has, thus far, been a book that many people criticized for having a weirdly slow pace and taking too much time to “bring the band together”. In this issue though, after Colossus realizes what horrible plan Sinister has for him and his sister and Jean, Logan and the other X-Men manage to defeat demons of Limbo and secure X-Haven once again, the team unites in a battle against the Marauders – only to find out about the entirety of what – or whom – Essex has been experimenting on…