The X-Men Team Up for the Fight of the Century in X-MEN GOLD #25

Did the Gold team really think Scythian wouldn’t come back to haunt them? After defeating him once, Kitty’s team is forced to face one of their biggest threats again in X-MEN GOLD #25. Will the addition of another X-Men team be enough to save the Earth from complete destruction? Read to find out!


Kitty and Colossus Will Tie the Knot in Upcoming X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part Arc

This honestly should have happened a long time ago, but here we are: Kitty and Colossus are getting married! X-MEN GOLD’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part arc will feature the wedding and a few other, more action-packed stories. If you’re a fan of the famous mutant couple, be sure to pick up X-MEN GOLD issues #26-30!