LOGAN Represents The Perfect Opportunity For FOX To Sell The X-Men Back To Marvel

With LOGAN set to be the final film of the X-Men franchise, the time has come for Fox to sell its distribution rights of the mutant team back to Marvel.

INHUMANS VS X-MEN #0 REVIEW: For Superfans and Completionists Only

INHUUMANS VS X-MEN #0 appears to be an attempt at dragging an event out in order to capitalize on completionists. While its plot could’ve been accomplished in a fragment of the comic’s 36 pages, writer Charles Soule does an excellent job portraying Emma Frost post-Cylcops’ death. Yet another prelude to INHUMANS VS X-MEN, this comic is redeemed by Soule’s magnificent characterization, and the impeccable artwork by Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown.

X-Men Comics: No Longer Addressing Real-Life Social Issues?

The mutant race is close to total extinction. Once again. No new mutants are being born again. Once again. And a powerful leader will have to unite all of them to get them to a safe haven. Once again. And with yet another annihilation plot being established in Jeff Lemire’s EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1, fans of the franchise start feeling like Marvel’s weird focus on almost letting mutantkind go extinct is preventing the X-Men comics from being able to address recent social issues – something the franchise has always done, and something the franchise is perfectly suited for. But have the comic books about the misfits of the Marvel Universe really stopped thematizing these topics?

Can the X-Men Give Extinction a Break, Already?

Ever since the first teasers about the All-New, All-Different Marvel, fans of the X-Men have watched with curiosity – and some concern.  We heard whispers that the mutant race would once again be brought to the brink of extinction, that key figures such as Cyclops have been taken out of play, and that the Terrigen Mists are responsible.  Now, with …