X-Men's Storm
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Episode 63: X-Men’s Storm, The Most Recognizable Black Superhero

Most people with little knowledge of comic books and comic book characters know a few things about X-Men’s Storm, aka Ororo Munroe. After losing both her parents during the Suez Canal Crisis in Cairo, Egypt, an orphaned Ororo became a young pickpocket. From there, she wandered into Kenya where a group of uncontacted peoples worshipped her as a goddess. It was in Kenya that Professor Charles Xavier, creator of the original roster of X-Men, sought her out to join a second incarnation of X-Men with Wolverine, Thunderbird, Colossus, Nightcrawler and others from around the world. Ororo gave up her life as a goddess to accept Professor Xavier’s proposition to join a world that, not only doesn’t worship her, but despises her for being born with a genetic mutation — the power to control the weather.


Kitty and Colossus Will Tie the Knot in Upcoming X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part Arc

This honestly should have happened a long time ago, but here we are: Kitty and Colossus are getting married! X-MEN GOLD’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part arc will feature the wedding and a few other, more action-packed stories. If you’re a fan of the famous mutant couple, be sure to pick up X-MEN GOLD issues #26-30!


History of the X-Mansion

The X-Mansion is an integral part of X-Men lore. It is where Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and the titular X-Men operate. The school has undergone quite a few changes throughout the years. Here’s a history of Charles Xavier’s home for mutants.