After going on an undercover mission to Paraíso in an effort to unravel the mystery surrounding disappearing mutants, Rogue and Gambit found themselves in the midst of the mystery themselves. Strange events ensued as the two experienced battles against their own doppelgangers and intense flashbacks to pivotal moments in their relationship. Now, in ROGUE & GAMBIT #5, the mystery comes to an end.

Rogue and Gambit are ready for their final battle against the enigmatic Lavish to end her evil plan once and for all. The question is, can our titular X-Men make it through this battle together?

rogue & gambit #5
ROGUE & GAMBIT #5. Page 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A Lavish War

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 kicks off right where its predecessor ended. Our titular heroes are still fighting their doppelgangers. However, they have not gotten used to the continuous absorption of memories that takes place whenever one of those doppelgangers, or golems, is destroyed. Also, in case you forgot, along with that absorption of memories came the absorption of powers, with a twist. Rogue has obtained Gambit’s abilities while Gambit has obtained Rogue’s. All caught up?

The Past Brings the Pain in ROGUE & GAMBIT #4

As the fight continues, Rogue deduces that Dr. Charmaine Grand, her and Gambit’s former therapist who was actually a minion of Lavish, is a golem as well. Thus, Rogue destroys Dr. Grand’s golem and absorbs her powers, which turns out to be a lot. However, it ends up in Rogue and Gambit’s favor as Rogue confronts Lavish totally powered up.

She destroys Lavish, who is a golem as well. Following this, Rogue and Gambit give all the mutants the option to either reabsorb their abilities and memories through Rogue or continue on living without those memories, thus living in a perfect reality. Most if not all the mutants select the former.

rogue & gambit #5
ROGUE & GAMBIT #5. Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A Grand Proposal

The battle is over. All the mutants who disappeared on Paraíso are returning home, and Gambit has asked Rogue…to get a cat with him. That’s right. The two now find themselves in a new stage of their relationship, and though they may not be ready for that step, they are ready to give their relationship another shot.

So, ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 serves as the end of a pretty awesome series from writer Kelly Thompson. Though this final installment mostly ties up the narrative, there are still a few questions that remain. For example, was Lavish always a golem? If not, where exactly is she, and what is she up to?

Additionally, though Rogue and Gambit have plenty of tender moments in this issue, many of them felt repetitive as we had seen plenty of moments of reconciliation in the last issue. So, overall, ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 is a solid issue and a worthy conclusion. However, its lengthy final battle, as well as derivative moments, take away from what could have been a stellar end.

rogue & gambit #5
ROGUE & GAMBIT #5. Page 4. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of ROGUE & GAMBIT #5

Though the narrative of ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 has some flaws, the artwork of the issue is by far its best aspect. My personal favorite sequence from artist Pere Peréz features Rogue absorbing Dr. Grand’s powers. You can feel the intensity of the absorption as well as the violence of the memories. Additionally, I love Rogue’s appearance following this sequence. It’s kind of intimidating, but you can easily understand the capacity of the powers she has absorbed.

Cinematic Universe or Franchise: DEADPOOL 2’s Effect on X-MEN

Colorist Frank D’Armata’s work is also consistently awesome throughout this issue. I particularly enjoy his work in the final pages.

The variety of color in those pages is minimal. However, it fits the relief and newfound simplicity that arises from the closure of this series’ conflict. Rogue and Gambit have found a moment to breathe and an opportunity to focus on themselves. Thus, I enjoy the way D’Armata implements that aspect into the series’ close.

For now, there are no more battles and no more super-villains. For now, there is only Rogue and Gambit.

What Lies Beyond

If you have yet to read ROGUE & GAMBIT in its entirety, please do so. It is a series abundant with humor, action, and emotional poignancy in regard to two of X-Men’s most iconic characters. As to the future of our titular heroes, much is left to our imagination.

Will they be able to maintain this new era of their relationship? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until then though, they’ll continue enjoying their moment under the sunset.

ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 by Kelly Thompson, Pere Perez, Frank D'Armata
Though ROGUE & GAMBIT #5 is not the series' best, it wraps up a delightful, light-hearted series that brings two X-Men favorites back together.
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A Fitting End to a Fun Run
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