ComicsVerse has a glimpse into the long-awaited ROGUE & GAMBIT #2! It’s been a month since the release of the first issue. So, there is a ton of excitement amongst fans (including myself) who are waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Following an assignment from X-Men leader Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Gambit are sent to Paraiso Island to go undercover as a couple seeking therapy. Unsurprisingly, the two aren’t all that excited about their mission. They have quite the history, so going undercover as a couple will probably bring out some tension.

The series, written by Kelly Thompson, got off to a strong start in its first issue. It was a light-hearted, refreshing work filled with humor from start to finish. So, it is safe to say we can expect more of that in the upcoming installment.

The preview pages that can be viewed below give us an awesome look at what’s to come! Firstly, the cover art from artist Kris Anka is impeccable. It’s colorful and energetic, both major aspects of this series thus far.

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Also featured in the preview pages is a therapy session with Rogue and Gambit. The tension between them hits the fan as they both recount events that have impacted their relationship over the years. I must say, there has been quite a lot of drama between them. So, will they be able to sort out their issues for the benefit of the overall mission?

The final pages of the preview feature a glimpse into a flashback on how Rogue and Gambit first met. Interestingly, they don’t even agree on that.

Can’t wait until February 7th to get your ROGUE & GAMBIT fix? Well, get ready to revisit the journey of Rogue and Gambit’s crazy relationship with ComicsVerse’s preview, right here!

ROGUE & GAMBIT #2 Image Gallery

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