PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 Review: Sweet Dreams are Made of This

phoenix resurrection #2

Beware: spoilers for PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 abound!

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 digs deeper into the strange return of the Phoenix by exploring the manifestation of odd events in Jean Grey’s  life. The first entry of this anticipated series is a bizarre one, to say the least. Filled with many surprises, Matthew Rosenberg grabbed our attention as readers. Now, in the second issue, he adds further twists within the narrative. So, how does PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 fare? Find out, right here!

phoenix resurrection #2
PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A Wrinkle in Time

After an appearance of the Phoenix in outer space, Jean Grey finds herself being abruptly woken up. In that moment, we see a brief exhibition of her telekinetic powers. However, Jean is unaware of her abilities. So, she begins her day like any other. As the issue goes on, she begins acknowledging the strange events she’s recently experienced. From a dream of her death on the moon to strange visions, Jean cannot seem to explain what’s been taking place within her own mind.

On the other side of PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2’s narrative lies the X-Men. Kitty Pryde reaffirms the need to continue the team’s investigation into the strange events taking place across the globe, including odd energy spikes and attacks on mutants. Additionally, the Uncanny squad learns of the disappearances of the teen Jean Grey as well as the Stepford Cuckoos, a climactic event that took place in JEAN GREY #10. Ironically, this means that nearly all the X-Men psychics are inaccessible. Well, all except one.

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The X-Men decide to appoint Cable to use Cerebro. Through this, they can try to locate the missing Teen Jean and the Stepford Cuckoos. This backfires when Cerebro emits what appears to be an electric shock throughout Cable’s body. Said shock ends up knocking Cable out. Now, all the psychics are inaccessible.

phoenix resurrection #2
PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 page 10. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Even Stranger Things

Perhaps the strangest moment of the issue takes place when a man named Erik enters the diner Jean Grey works at. Also, Erik bears a striking resemblance to none other than Magneto. However, all seems quite normal in their brief encounter. Well, that is until the X-Men experience their own encounter with the Master of Magnetism.

As in the last issue, the X-Men split up into various teams. A group with Storm and Nightcrawler travels to Jamaica Bay, New York. Another team including Angel and Beast go to Antarctica. Interestingly, and inexplicably, Magneto appears and ambushes the Iceman’s squad. However, something strange occurs during the ensuing battle. Magneto randomly begins talking about ordering a cup of coffee. Interestingly, Magneto’s actions appear to parallel those of the Erik at Jean Grey’s diner.

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PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 is another bizarre entry in the series. Despite this though, I believe it maintains a nice pace that balances both sides of the narrative. I enjoyed the greater focus on Jean Grey’s side of the story. I also enjoyed her uncertainty with the manifestation of her powers. However, I hope future issues develop her character more. As of right now, this mysterious Jean Grey is quite one dimensional. Also, there are still plenty of questions within this series.

Specifically, what exactly is going on here? What will the consequences of Teen Jean’s disappearance be? Though many questions remain, it’s worth noting that Rosenberg has written an engaging tale. Even if it’s stranger than expected. So, though I am proceeding with caution, I believe the series is building towards something epic.

phoenix resurrection #2
PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 page 13. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.


Once again, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg’s work excels in PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2. Each panel emits vibrancy. This tone thus fits the eccentric nature of the narrative. I particularly enjoyed the panels featuring Jean’s diner. There’s a cleanliness present in these panels that seems just too perfect. As a result, readers may detect a foreboding aura, as if Jean is about to see something terrible. Thus, Rosenberg exhibits a great balance in the issue that contains life and horror.

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Now, the art of PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 can come across detached in some parts. Characters get lost in the backgrounds. For instance, they also get lost in the chaos of the battle against Magneto. As a result, there seems to be a lack of precision in the issue’s details. Despite this, I must say, the final page of the issue might, in fact, be its best artistic moment. It serves as a beautiful ending to a thrilling issue as well as a scary introduction to what lies ahead.

What Lies Beyond

This series kicked off in a strange manner. So, it’s no surprise, to me at least, that the second entry of the title maintains that strangeness. With this, I feel as though PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 is an improvement upon its predecessor. Sure, it still presents far more questions than readers may desire. Despite this though, it is, without a doubt, entertaining.

So, I hope the next issues will address these questions. I also hope we are able to dig deeper into the mystery of the Phoenix.

PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Carlos Pacheco, & Rachelle Rosenberg
In another bizarre tale, PHOENIX RESURRECTION #2 will grip readers and present new questions that will challenge predictability.
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An eccentric ride
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