The MR. AND MRS. X run truly threw fans for a loop in its last issue when it was revealed that Professor Xavier and Lilandra Neramani genetically engineered a child together, a child who now calls herself Xandra. Since the first issue, the X-Men newlyweds have been on a mission to protect Xandra, who has been the target of a plethora of enemies. Unfortunately for them all, the last issue also featured the Shi’Ar Imperial Guard kidnapping Xandra. So now, in MR. AND MRS. X #4, it is up to newlyweds Rogue and Gambit to rescue Xandra from the clutches of the Shi’Ar Empire.

mr. and mrs. x #4
MR. AND MRS. X #4 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Peace Out, Chandilar

Previously in MR. AND MRS. X, Rogue and Gambit established an alliance with Cerise, who agreed to help them sneak into Chandilar in order to rescue the abducted Xandra. Unfortunately for the couple, they ended up getting captured by the Shi’Ar.

However, MR. AND MRS. X #4 begins with Rogue and Gambit making a clever escape from Shi’Ar confinement. Following their escape, the two begin their pursuit for Xandra. Thankfully, Xandra managed to telepathically disguise herself as an egg during her abduction so that none of the Shi’Ar discovered her sentience. So, the trio band together once more to make their retreat from Chandilar.

Of course, things are never as easy as they are planned to be.

As the three begin their travels, they discover that their ship has been badly damaged. So, they decide to land on Chandilar’s moon. Interestingly, the group finds some brief downtime, which allows Xandra to engage in a conversation with Rogue. She reveals that she has the power to alter Rogue’s abilities, an idea she actually derived from the mind of Gambit.

Immediately after this suggestion, Rogue and Gambit proceed to get into an argument about the idea. The two do eventually reconcile once Gambit comes to understand Rogue’s perspective that her abilities are truly a part of her.

Space Wars

But, the newlyweds’ conversation comes to a halt when they are ambushed by a variety of enemies including Titan, Warstar, and Astra. Sometime later, Deathbird and Shi’Ar soldiers join the onslaught to recapture Xandra. A great fight erupts between both sides, a fight that results in Deathbird impaling Gambit in the chest just as Rogue and Xandra are teleported elsewhere.

MR. AND MRS. X #4 truly presents an ending that is quite the punch to the gut. It also shines a light on Xandra and her burgeoning abilities, which is particularly satisfying. However, the issue’s narrative does feel clunky at times as it transitions rather rapidly from one scenario to the next.

Ultimately, though, Xandra’s character development is undoubtedly MR. AND MRS. X #4’s highlight. Additionally, I enjoy the tension writer Kelly Thompson is bringing to Rogue and Gambit’s relationship. It will be interesting to see where upcoming issues take their conflicts compared to the overarching conflicts of the series’ plot.

mr. and mrs. x #4
MR. AND MRS. X #4 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of MR. AND MRS. X #4

Unfortunately, I will have to sound like a broken record once again. The artwork of this series has been a negative point thus far. Sadly, it continues to be one in the context of MR. AND MRS. X #4. Firstly, the action sequences come across as one-dimensional. The backgrounds and characters do not appear as sharp in those particular sequences compared to other ones. As a result, the final product seems cumbersome.

However, the coloring from Frank D’Armata is one of the more consistent aspects of MR. AND MRS. X #4’s artwork. I do feel as though there are some tonal inconsistencies throughout the issue. Despite that, D’Armata’s work does bring a much-needed dynamic essence to the issue.

I especially enjoy his work in the sequences that take place in outer space. There is an energy one can feel through his colors that liven up the issue just a bit.

Overall though, the artwork needs to level up in order to truly reach its potential.

What Lies Beyond

MR. AND MRS. X has truly been a non-stop galactic adventure. Writer Kelly Thompson has not hesitated to throw curveballs at us, and I’m pretty sure she still has plenty up her sleeve. Therefore, it will be interesting to see where the adventures of Rogue and Gambit will lead.

It will be especially intriguing to see what will become of the newlyweds now that they have gotten separated in the midst of their honeymoon from hell.

MR. AND MRS. X #4 by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, Frank D'Armata, & Joe Sabino
MR. AND MRS. X #4 is a dynamic issue that brings a lot to the table, even if it struggles to juggle it all.
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