All is revealed as Marvel announces a slate of new X-Men related comics due out in the spring of 2017. As you might imagine, this is music to every X-Men reader’s ears. The announcements so far include titles like X-MEN GOLD #1, X-MEN BLUE #1, JEAN GREY #1, GENERATION X #1 and more. Hopefully, this will quell exaggerated rumors that Marvel’s movie deal with Fox made Marvel want to kill off the X-Men forever in favor of the fully-owned Marvel property, the Inhumans. Instead, an obvious truth is exposed.

To begin with, the idea that Marvel is so corrupt that it would purposefully sabotage a line of comics is a conspiracy theory fraught with enormous holes.  Not long ago, Marvel’s best-selling comics were X-Men comics, and through the writing of Chris Claremont and others, X-Men comics remain a source of comfort and learning for all people who feel marginalized. Since the start of the supposed “Marvel vs. Fox War,” Marvel tapped some of the best writers in the comics industry to work on X-MEN related comics, Brian Michael Bendis, Cullen Bunn, and Jeff Lemire to name a few, not to mention incredible artists like Humberto Ramos and Greg Land. The hiring of such great talent proves that the Marvel/Fox War theory truly holds no water. Sure, I can imagine coming up with a great new idea for X-MEN comics that winds up being used by FOX without crediting me. That would totally suck, but by no means would it translate to Marvel purposefully sabotaging a comic book line to its detriment.

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Now that we’ve got that pesky Marvel/Fox War theory out of the way, let’s concentrate on what I’m calling Marvel’s Renaissance X. In a short span of several weeks, Marvel Comics has announced a slew of new X-MEN comics that will come out in the spring of 2017. Marvel calls them ResurrXion. As of yet, Marvel hasn’t revealed the names behind any of the creative teams. Instead, Marvel has released teaser images that utilize art from each comic’s past broken up into triangular shards that point towards the center logo.

To sum up, here’s what’s Marvel has announced so far:


1990s X-MEN comics fans remember when the X-Men were divided into two separate teams: gold and blue. The blue team, led by Cyclops, had Beast and Psylocke on their roster, and Jim Lee’s art on this series cemented him as one of the top artists in the comics industry. Does Marvel’s ResurrXion refer to the resurrection of the elder Cyclops or does it only mean that teenage, time-displaced Cyclops will take up the mantle as the team leader with a few Inhuman additions to the team? We’ll have to wait until Spring to find out.

x-men comics: X-Men Blue #1 X-Men Blue Team


Ah, the 90s! What X-Men reader of that era doesn’t remember Storm’s team of X-Men consisting of Jean Grey, Archangel, Iceman, and Bishop? With his thin outlines and talent for capturing characters in the height of emotion, Portacio’s art enhanced the stellar writing of this amazing series. It was during this run that Trevor Fitzroy murdered all of Emma Frost’s Hellions, and she switched bodies with Iceman, exposing him as an omega level mutant not living up to his potential. With the elder Warren Worthington III and Jean Grey dead, the real question is who will we see on this team besides their time-displaced teenage counterparts?

x-men comics: X-Men Gold X-Men Gold Team


One reason we may not see Jean Grey on the X-Men Gold team in spring 2017 is that Jean Grey is finally getting her own series! It’s likely this series will star teenage, time-displaced Jean Grey rather than contain the elder Jean Grey’s resurrection, but let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s favorite fiery redhead rises from the ashes. Here’s hoping whenever that time comes, it causes a lot of delicious drama for us, the readers! Also if you’re a fan of Jean Grey, check out one of our many podcasts that feature her:

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Jean Grey #1


Real life Generation X’ers may be in their 40s and 50s, but Marvel is bringing back the 1990’s favorite that shattered all stereotypes in a big way by including some of the original New Mutants. GENERATION X, the comic that made characters like Paige Guthrie and Monet St. Croix famous—and made Jubilee more famous—also makes a comeback this spring. The original GENERATION X holds a special place in the hearts of its fans for being as groundbreaking and heartfelt as it was, and the addition of the original New Mutants only serves to add more angst and personality to the mix. I’m really looking forward to this one.



Speaking of resurrections, Wolverine may long be dead since Charles Soule’s now classic DEATH OF WOLVERINE series, which raises the question, which version of Wolverine will we see next spring in WEAPON X #1? Will Logan make a triumphant return? Will this book consist of a team of former Weapon X members? Will Laura Kinney aka X-23 continue to take on the mantle of Wolverine and star in WEAPON X #1? We shall soon find out!

WEAPON X #1 Wolverine


Everyone’s favorite child of Scott Summers (sorry not sorry, Rachel Grey) from an alternative future timeline appears to be getting another title! Hope Summers is seemingly out of the picture, X-Man Nate Grey is who knows where, so what will Cable be up to? Cable somehow finds himself in the center of most X-Men conflicts when he’s around, so I can’t wait until we’ve found out what sort of trouble he gets himself into this time!

cable #1 x-men comics


Since Bobby Drake as Iceman was created more than 50 years ago, he’s never gotten his own comic. This spring, that will change when ICEMAN #1 comes out. Historically, Iceman has always been the jokester of the X-Men. Recently, Jean Grey outed his younger, time-displaced self as gay, making this ICEMAN series one of the few comics starring an LGBTQ character. We at ComicsVerse could not be more proud of Marvel for making this decision. No matter which version of Iceman this comic stars, it will create waves and surely be referenced for years to come!

x-men comics: ICEMAN #1

What do you think of Marvel’s Renaissance X? Is it about time that the X-Men take their rightful place as leaders in the Marvel Universe, or are you going to miss the drama that sees them teetering on the brink of extinction? Sound off in the comments below!

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