Marvel has finally revealed the members of Jean Grey’s newest X-team in X-MEN RED. From Marvel’s press release:

“This uniquely qualified strike force includes Namor, Nightcrawler, All-New Wolverine, her sister Gabby, Gentle (a mutant from Wakanda), and the mysterious new character Trinary, whose secrets will be revealed throughout the pages of X-MEN RED!”

In addition, another member, said to be a “fan-favorite,” will be introduced once the series begins. X-MEN RED #1 debuts on February 7th from writer Tom Taylor (ALL-NEW WOLVERINE) and artist Mahmud Asrar.

This news comes less than a week after Marvel announced the continuation of Jean Grey’s story with her own team. X-MEN RED reportedly sees the team fighting one of mutant and mankind’s most dangerous villains.

This roster brings much excitement and potential. Knowing Tom Taylor, the interplay between all the members will be a ton of fun. Let’s delve into Jean’s team a little more.

X-MEN RED #1 variant cover by Mahmud Asrar. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Who Are the X-Men Red Team?

Namor, a longtime player in the Marvel Universe, is one of the most exciting members of the line-up. After the events of SECRET EMPIRE, it will be interesting to see where he’s at mentally. One must wonder how Namor’s large personality, and even larger ego, will play under the leadership of Jean. Additionally, Namor isn’t one to care about fitting in. He’ll definitely cause a stir from time to time.

Then, we have Nightcrawler. Kurt is one of the most beloved X-Men of all time. After a brief stint in the afterlife, he’s back and ready to help mutantkind. The voice of reason within the teams he has been on, he’ll more than likely be one of the emotional backbones for the team. A little Nightcrawler wisdom is always more than welcome.

Laura, the All-New Wolverine, along with her younger sister/clone Gabby, are some fan favorites joining the roster. Formerly known as X-23, Laura is Logan with a little more spunk and maybe even more heart. Gabby is her younger clone who she looks after. Seeing them team up with the others will be interesting, and time will tell if they learn to trust people outside of their family.

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Nezhno Abidemi, known as Gentle, is a mutant from Wakanda best known for his part in NEW X-MEN and MESSIAH COMPLEX. He’s a powerful mutant who hasn’t seen too much action. His passive nature and reserved personality foil his extreme strength, but he will be an asset nonetheless. Moreover, his reserved nature will be fun when paired with Namor and Laura.

Finally, there’s Trinary. Nothing is known about this new mutant on the team, but everyone loves the new kid in the X-Universe. She’s got her work cut out for her if she wants to stand out on this roster.

X-MEN RED Debuts February 7th

With such an exciting and beloved roster, Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar have all the tools they need to make X-MEN RED one of the next great X-Men titles. Pick it up on February 7th to find out!

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