LEGION blew viewers and critics’ minds away with its powerful and twisty first season. With the second season coming this April, everyone is anxiously awaiting what’s coming next for the powerful mutant David Haller. Well, we do have a few ideas so let’s get down to it. Before we get into what we can expect in LEGION season two, here’s a quick recap of the first season.

We find David as a mentally unstable patient who has been in and out of mental hospitals his entire life. David discovers that he isn’t as mentally ill as he thought when he finds a group of mutants run by Melanie Bird. The government is also after David after discovering his powerful abilities as a mutant.

Another enemy dwells within David’s mind as he finds out about his destructive gifts. The enemy inside David is none other than Shadow King, a powerful being who once went up against his father. We find out that Shadow King has been a part of David’s life since he was born. Towards the end of the season, David manages to overpower Shadow King and free himself from the dark being’s control. However, his troubles are just beginning after a small drone captures him. Now that we are caught up, here’s what’s coming for the second season.

Legion Season Two

LEGION Season Two Starts With a Time Jump

When we open up season two, it’ll pick up a year after the end of last season. With a time jump at the start of the season, expect the unexpected. We were left confused at the beginning of LEGION, but the pieces started coming together. Expect the same to happen when season two starts, according to showrunner Noah Hawley.

Talking at the TCA panel early this year, Hawley said the reason for the time jump is to confuse the viewers. It’ll be a reset as David tries to find out what happened to him during the past year. So it looks like fans will be figuring out what’s going on along with David on this journey into season two.

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More Character Backstory on LEGION

During the first season, we were introduced to some of the other characters. Much of LEGION revolved around David Haller’s origins. At the end of the season, Noah Hawley told Collider he wanted to focus on other characters for season two in addition to David Haller. We did get some backstory on some of the other mutants like Sydney Barrett and Cary Loudermilk.

We learned about each of these characters’ abilities on the show and how they manifested. However, the season focused a lot on David, leaving little room to explore the other characters on the show. It would be great to learn more about Melanie Bird’s gifted students like Ptonomy Wallace. Since LEGION season two will consist of ten episodes, that should leave enough content for more character arcs as well.

Legion Season Two

LEGION Season Two To Explore the Origins of Shadow King

Speaking of backstory, we didn’t get much information on David Haller’s nemesis Amahl Farouk/Shadow King. The mysterious entity was a major villain in the series’ first season. The shadowy figure took on different forms throughout David’s life. We do find out that David’s father fought against him and won. However, the powerful mutant attached itself into David’s mind, causing him to be unstable throughout his life.

With Shadow King out of David’s mind for good, perhaps we’ll learn more about his origins. We last saw Shadow King inhabiting Oliver Bird. So expect to see more of Oliver during the second season as he becomes more associated with the powerful being. Currently, in the form of Lenny Busker, we should also be seeing more of her as well. In the comics, he has a history with Professor X so it would be interesting to see that in some shape or form. Speaking of…

Legion Season Two

More of David’s Daddy Issues Coming to LEGION

Comic book fans of LEGION know very well that David Haller’s father is none other than X-Men founder Charles Xavier. We got a little tease of David’s biological father in the first season when we learned about the Shadow King’s origins. It would be nice to have Patrick Stewart reprise his role for the series.

It’s probably going to be a long shot for that to happen, but the show will probably continue exploring David’s identity. It would make more sense to do so since LEGION does connect with the films. With the X-Men franchise’s future in question after Disney’s acquisition, it’ll be interesting to see where we go from here.

Discovering More of David’s Personalities on LEGION

We were introduced to Shadow King as one of David Haller’s alternate personalities. However, he is only one of many personalities living inside David. In the comics, David has had to switch between different personas that possess different powers. Dan Stevens told ComicBook.com that more entities would pop out of David’s head.

So does that mean there are more abilities that David hasn’t tapped in yet? We got to see David use his telekinetic and telepathic powers, so the possibilities are endless. Some notable personalities include the likes of Doctor Nemesis, Blindfold, and even Charles Xavier himself. Hopefully, we get to see more of what David can do when season two begins.

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LEGION to Have David to Look Much Closer to the Comics

David appeared to have a different look than the comics when the series began. However, we may be getting some of the classic looks from the comics in season two. Dan Stevens revealed at the TCA panel that the show would have David sport the long hair like the comics, perhaps even a little bit higher.

Legion Season Two

His hair has been more of a trademark to the character since his hair has always been raised high whenever he used his powers. Perhaps that will be something that we will get to see through the LEGION second season.


What do you guys hope to see in LEGION season two? Find out when the show returns to FX in April.

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