The previous installment of ICEMAN featured some unexpected plot twists! From the appearance of Mister Sinister to the mystery revolving around disappearing Morlocks, Bobby Drake has a lot on his plate right now. However, ICEMAN #2 takes Bobby on a new journey as Emma Frost makes a surprise appearance.

Writer Sina Grace’s return to Iceman has been met with a lot of positivity. Bobby Drake has become a more tangible character as he further proves himself as a leader in ICEMAN #2.

So, immerse yourself in his latest adventure as he and Emma Frost embark on an unforgettable mission.

iceman #2
ICEMAN #2 page 1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A Family Reunion for the Ages

In one of the many surprise twists of ICEMAN #2, we come to learn that Emma Frost wants to ask Bobby for his help. She fears for her brother, Christian, who has fallen into the clutches of their cruel father’s abuse. So, she is desperate to rescue him.

I always enjoy works that showcase Emma Frost’s vulnerability, a character who does not always exhibit that quality. However, her brother has always been an important figure in her life. Thus, I enjoy Grace’s incorporation of that integral character into this tale.

In another surprise twist, Emma and Bobby arrive at the Frost Mansion to find that Christian is perfectly fine. In fact, he seems healthy and happy. Emma maintains her suspicions, which are ultimately confirmed when she finds the dead body of her father. It turns out that Christian has abilities that include the power to form astral projections. Thus, after Christian killed his own father, Christian made an astral projection of him that ends up battling Iceman.

I do hope this ability is explained in future works because that is one of the few aspects of this issue that does not tie itself together.

A Tour of the Mind

In an effort to calm Christian, Emma takes her brother on a tour of Bobby’s mind. She demonstrates that though their father was not understanding and did horrible things, she will do whatever it takes to ensure that her brother will find peace. This reconciliation between the two is undoubtedly beautiful.

This sequence ultimately brings a heartwarming, uplifting tone to the issue as a whole. I love Emma’s depiction in ICEMAN #2 as well as her interactions with Iceman. It seems as though there is an unexpected mutual trust between the two, which is exciting to witness.

So, overall, ICEMAN #2 is a solid issue. It finds strength in its well-developed plot and characters, therefore bringing together a cohesive and memorable tale.

iceman #2
ICEMAN #2 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of ICEMAN #2

Once again, the artwork of ICEMAN turns out to be its weakest aspect. Though some may not be opposed to the more cartoony aspects of the artwork, I feel as though those aspects take away from the detail of the imagery. In general, the art comes across as clunky through its bold lines and one-note figures.

Also, there is an abundant lack of detail in the backgrounds, resulting in a lack of depth in the panels. I wish there was a more dynamic energy that could enliven the artwork because as of now, there is an overarching dullness.

Though the colors aren’t necessarily dim, the lack of contrasts and vibrancy make for art that is hard to engage in.

So, overall, I hope to see more energy in future installments so that the art can live up to the electricity of the narrative itself.

What Lies Beyond

ICEMAN #2 is a solid issue. I love the depiction of Bobby’s alliance with Emma. I also love the storyline revolving around Christian and Emma’s relationship. Thus, I hope to see more of this arc in future issues whether they are in this run or another X-Men title.

Of course, there is a great threat looming in the background of this series, and that is none other than Mister Sinister. Though this issue focused on Iceman’s solo adventure, it still alludes to Mister Sinister’s plans.

Therefore, it will be intriguing to see where ICEMAN is heading concerning that notorious villain.

ICEMAN #2 by Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman, Federico Blue, & Joe Sabino
ICEMAN #2 is heartwarming, entertaining, and just plain ol' awesome as it finds its strength in the development of its primary characters.
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