If you are familiar with the superhero genre at all, you have probably heard of the name Jean Grey. Since her debut back in 1963, Jean Grey has proven to be one of comics’ most prolific characters of all time.

She has been a hero with the Uncanny X-Men.

She has been a villain as the Dark Phoenix.

However, despite these varying roles she has played, Jean Grey has always been a legend.

Her career with the X-Men has contributed to some of comics’ most iconic stories from DARK PHOENIX SAGA to Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN run.

So, why has Jean Grey died so many times when she is such a significant character in the entire comic book medium?

Of course, death is no stranger to the superhero genre. Some of the most notable stories in comic book history comprise famous deaths. These include the acclaimed, game-changing THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN story and the woefully tragic “The Night Gwen Stacy Died.” With this, one must consider the impact a comic book death maintains when the event is not so uncommon in the modern comic book age.

Jean’s Deadly History and Its Impact on Comic Book Deaths

In this podcast, fellow ComicsVerse writer Peyton Hinckle and I, Maite, break down Jean Grey’s particularly deadly history as we analyze her various deaths and subsequent resurrections. In our discussion, we assess what has defined Jean Grey throughout the decades she has been around.

We look back on some of her most memorable arcs in UNCANNY X-MEN, PHOENIX ENDSONG, and many more.

Upon the end of our discussion, the two of us came to realize how complex Jean Grey truly is. One can literally talk about her for hours without establishing a binary interpretation on the character.

Perhaps it may be frustrating to some to not be able to obtain a concrete perspective on a character.

But that dimensionality to Jean Grey is exactly what makes her one of the greatest comic book characters of all time.

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