DEADPOOL 2’s X-Force Members smashed right through the fourth wall and onto the big screen. Along with raunchy humor and overall epicness, the sequel came with some key new characters. This action-packed comedy centers on the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.

In a foolproof plan, Deadpool recruits other mutants to form a team with the slightly derivative and gender-neutral name, the X-Force. Little did most know, the X-Force members have roots in Marvel comics. Let’s take a deeper look at who Deadpool recruited as X-Force members, shall we?

A Brief History of X-Force and X-Force Members

Before we dive right into this colorful cast, let’s first learn about the X-Force and their 90’s origins. The X-Force members made their first appearance in 1991, in THE NEW MUTANTS #100. Contrary to the film, Cable assembled the team of mutants, which evolved from the New Mutants team.

All the X-Force members!
The X-Force; Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Originally, their objective as a group was to act as the black ops division of the X-Men. For the most part, they worked under the radar, handling the more violent and dangerous missions. Not exactly a superhero group like the X-Men or the Avengers, the X-Force acted more like enforcers to protect mutantkind.

Originally, the team was comprised of mutants such as Boom Boom, Cannonball, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar, and Warpath. Over the years, there have been several incarnations of the team. Deadpool himself has been apart of this group of mutants in the comics. Many of the characters in DEADPOOL 2 have a long history with X-Force from the comics.


You can’t have the X-Force without Domino. As one of the founding members from the comics, she is one of the more notable X-Force members. In the film, she describes her powers as simply “being lucky.” Like her comic book counterpart, this femme fatale manipulates probability fields around her in her favor.

X-Force Members Domino
Domino from DEADPOOL 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Which means, the odds are always in her favor. Think a cat with more than nine lives. Contrary to Deadpool’s opinion, Luck, as a superpower, can be very cinematic. Also, she is a highly trained weapons master. With a gun in her hand, she can make almost impossible shots.

In DEADPOOL 2, the appearance of Domino has gone through some major revamping. In previous comics, she is pale white with a dark spot around her eye. Played by Zazie Beetz, she is a proud African American woman with a cool afro. Don’t let her new looks fool you, Domino is still full of sass and sarcasm.


Next, we have Zeitgeist who, unfortunately, has one of the grossest mutant powers in the Marvel Universe. He has the ability to vomit acid. The toxic ooze is able to dissolve anything. Useful, but still gross. At least his suit is equipped with a plastic mouth guard. In DEADPOOL 2, Zeitgeist may be unable to control his ability. Brace yourself for disgusting barf jokes.

Zeitgeist is one of the X-Force MEMBERS
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Zeitgeist was first introduced in X-FORCE #116 (2001), where he shared a not-so-romantic moment with his date. During a moment of passion with a young lady, he spewed acid vomit on her face. What a way to kill the mood. You may recognize the actor who plays Zeitgeist. Recently, Bill Skarsgard was Pennywise the Clown in the 2017 adaptation of IT.


To some, Bedlam is considered an obscure character in the Marvel Universe. Making his first appearance in 1995, in FACTOR X #1, this guy isn’t one to mess with. He can generate his own bio-electro-magnetic field. His power allows him to short-circuit any mechanical system. Also, Bedlam is capable of disrupting the human brain to create reactions of fear, pain, and sleep.

X-Force Members
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Best known for his work on sitcoms like EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS and ARE WE THERE YET?Terry Crews is bringing this character to life on the big screen. Did I forget to mention he was also a linebacker in the NFL? Expect Crews to bring on the brute force and the comedy to the role of Bedlam that only he can.


All the way from a dystopian alternate world called Mojoworld, Shatterstar is rocking his maroon mullet and totally 90’s costume in DEADPOOL 2. Like Cable, Shatterstar is from the future. In need of the X-Men’s help, he travels back in time to stop the evil alien Mojo’s reign of terror. Instead of the X-Men, he joins the ranks and becomes one of the X-Force members.

Shatterstar is one of the X-Force members

Surprisingly, this character is best known for being one of Marvel’s most notable LGBTQ characters. He develops a romantic relationship with Rictor, another one of X-Force members in the comics. Possibly, his sexual orientation or his homosexual relationship with Rictor will be mentioned in DEADPOOL 2.

Played by Lewis Tan, Shatterstar is a genetically engineered superhuman from another dimension. Although the real specifics of his powers are unknown, he does possess super strength, speed, and can create awesome blasts with his swords.

Vanisher *Spoiler*

Fair warning, talking about this character will be a spoiler. So, read with caution. Mystery surrounds this invisible teammate. That’s right, invisible. You guys aren’t going to believe who plays the Vanisher in a two-second cameo. None other than the legendary Brad Pitt.

X-Force Members Domino and Vanisher
Vanisher with the rest of the X-Force members in DEADPOOL 2. He’s the guy in the middle. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The famous actor was a huge fan of the first film, it didn’t take long to convince him to be a part of the sequel. Ironically, in the comics, Vanisher’s power was not invisibility, but teleportation. Also, he looks nothing like Brad Pitt. I have a feeling fans will appreciate the changes. As I said earlier, Vanisher appears for only a few seconds. Keep your eyes peeled when you watch DEADPOOL 2


Last, but certainly not least, is Peter. With no connection to the comic books, he was created solely for DEADPOOL 2. Although he responded to Deadpool’s help wanted ad, Peter is completely powerless. Just your ordinary, sweater-vest wearing human. Perhaps his only special talents are beekeeping and grilling on his deck.

X-Force Members: Peter
Peter From DEADPOOL 2; Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Unfortunately, ladies, this guy is married. At first, fans believed that his name is a reference to Pete Wisdom, a British spy from the comics. As a longtime ally of the X-Force members, Wisdom was a mutant who was able to produce plasma blades out of his hands. Peter in DEADPOOL 2 is far from Pete Wisdom. Despite the confusion, this average Joe quickly became a fan favorite. Do yourself a favor, and check out Peter’s Twitter. He already has over 100,000 followers!

DEADPOOL 2’s X-Force Team-Up Smash Hit Film!

So, I won’t spoil anything, but I heard through the grapevine that not every member of the X-Force makes it out of DEADPOOL 2 alive. Don’t fret, word on a street is that an X-Force movie is in the works. Although DEADPOOL 2 has some jokes at the other X-Force members’ expense, a team movie is still on its way.

Perhaps some manipulation of the timeline will have to happen. Considered a spin-off to the Deadpool franchise, some of the characters from DEADPOOL 2 will return to the big screen for this upcoming X-Force film. Both Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, Deadpool and Cable respectively, are confirmed to star in the film. However, we don’t know much more about the movie yet, since it’s still in production.

Be sure to check out DEADPOOL 2, in theaters now!

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