Buffy Almost Joined The X-Men Family!

As any X-Men fans will tell you, the Summers (Cyclops) family tree might just be the biggest one in comics!  Incredibly, it nearly grew back when Joss Whedon penned the comics – and Buffy almost became one of the clan!

At San Diego Comic Con, Joss Whedon has spilled the beans on a plot that never quite happened.  As he told Cinema Blend, he considered tying the X-Men into his wider universe of ideas…

Buffy fans, cast your minds back to the episode ‘Normal Again‘.  In that episode, Buffy began to suspect she wasn’t actually a demon hunter at all.  Instead, she considered the possibly she was just insane, and a patient at a lunatic asylum.

And then Joss told of a bit of dialogue he never found a natural place for.  He’d intended Cyclops (better known as Scott Summers) to make a reference to a cousin we’d never seen before.  One who was committed to a lunatic asylum because she thought she was a demon hunter!

Just imagine the crossover that could have ensued…

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