7 Superhero Families That Can Celebrate The Holidays

Thanksgiving is here again, and that means food, football… and family. Yes, we all spend our Thanksgiving enjoying our families while simultaneously praying no one mentions politics or has too much to drink.

If you think your family has problems, imagine what superheroes go through. If they aren’t brooding loners with no actual families, they’re far too busy being super to actually enjoy the holiday. And that’s all before worrying about a villain threatening to blow up the Macy’s Day Parade! That said, there are a few exceptions to this rule, with superheroes that can actually enjoy family time like the rest of us (for better or worse). So let’s take a look at these seven hero families that could actually enjoy the holiday.

7. The Khans

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The most recent entry on the list, Kamala Khan’s stories keep her family as an important element. While her parents and brother can often “advise” her into rebelling, Kamala still cares deeply about them. No matter how crazy her superhero career gets, Kamala always has a safe, normal place at home. So it’s easy to imagine her sitting home on Thanksgiving, enjoying the day with the people that both love her and drive her crazy.

6. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

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Luke Cage and Jessica Jones don’t seem like characters that would be big on the holidays. He’s a former inmate that runs a superhero for hire business, and she’s a private eye with PTSD and alcohol in her past. However, one thing that binds them is their daughter Danielle. These two heroes might not be the most normal parents, but they still take care of their child. So while Jess might not spend her day cooking a turkey, it’s not hard to imagine her and Luke doing everything they can to give their daughter good family memories on Turkey Day.

5. The Guthries

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The second most mutant-heavy family in Marvel, the Guthries have produced seven mutant children, including Cannonball and Husk. This certainly makes the holidays interesting, but it hasn’t dampened the love they have for each other. Most of the children have joined the X-Men and bonded further while battling the evils of the world. At the same time, it has to make coming home to Kentucky for the holidays a welcome relief.

4. Power Pack

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Power Pack has always been one of Marvel’s most family-friendly superteams. These four young siblings dealt with superheroics and serious issues of the day but always had a loving family to come back to. Much like the Guthries, the Pack leans on each other for support, since they chose to keep their parents in the dark. It can only make a day like Thanksgiving, where they can feel like a normal family without secrets, even more important for these young heroes.

3. The Braddocks

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Ok, this is a bit of a cheat. Brian and Betsy Braddock are (if you couldn’t tell) extremely British and don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving. However, this brother and sister have maintained a strong bond with each other. Even through the loss of their older brother Jamie, these two have been a strong example of family bonds. Given their extended friendships from Excalibur and the X-Men, these two could easily enjoy a Thanksgiving.

2. The Kents

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Marvel has plenty of down to earth characters, but that doesn’t mean DC is lacking either. The most prominent example of family is the Kents. Superman’s adopted family has guided and loved him through multiple iterations. Whether alive or passed on, the Kents were instrumental in giving Superman his human perspective. That included a strong sense of family and belonging. While the Kents have once again passed on in modern continuity, their influence is seen as Superman and Lois raise their own young son, Jonathan. No doubt they make Thanksgiving an important part of their family time.

1. Fantastic Four

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Marvel’s first family tops the list, and with good reason. The Fantastic Four has been around since the 60’s, but they have always been the truest example of family in comics. It’s not just blood or marriage either. All four members argue, fight, and protect each other, just like a real family does. As the quartet has grown over the years with children Franklin and Valeria, that sense of family has only deepened. It simply wouldn’t make sense for this super team not to enjoy the holidays. Even if Sue has Johnny cook the turkey himself, Reed builds a cosmic potato peeler, or Ben brings Aunt Petunia’s steamed broccoli, it’s always a family affair at the Baxter Building.

Super or Not, Enjoy Family

Thanksgiving may not always be easy, but it’s an important time for families to be together. Even superpowered families are able to find time together, no matter their issues. So remember, if heroes this diverse can enjoy the holidays together, you can too. So enjoy your family and have a great Thanksgiving from ComicsVerse.

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