Marvel‘s 2017 ResurrXion event features some exciting adaptations of notable X-Men characters. Among these adaptations are various solo series, focusing specifically on Jean Grey, Iceman, and Cable. Though it has been exciting to see these X-Men get their individual series, there are some characters who have yet to have their moments of fame. So we at ComicsVerse devised a brief list of characters who have paid their dues and deserve their own solo series as soon as possible.

Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat Currently in X-MEN: GOLD

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Kitty Pryde is currently serving as the X-Men’s leader in ResurrXion’s X-MEN GOLD series. Since her 1980 debut in X-MEN #124, she has gone by various aliases including Ariel, Shadowcat, and even Star-Lord. Her growth into leadership has been an admirable journey, considering her X-Men career began at the mere age of 13. Since this origin, the capabilities of her phasing ability have evolved. She has even been shown phasing through the Earth multiple times!

Perhaps one of Kitty’s most notable acts of heroism takes place in the “Unstoppable” story arc of ASTONISHING X-MEN. Upon the conclusion of this arc, Kitty sacrifices herself by phasing a colossal bullet heading towards Earth through the planet itself. Unfortunately, the act seemingly leaves her fused to the bullet. She is presumed dead, leaving several X-Men in mourning.

Featured in GIANT SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Luckily, our young hero survived the event and lived to have plenty more X-Men adventures. Since her return, she has had stints with the Guardians of the Galaxy and as the current leader of the X-MEN GOLD lineup. Ultimately, Kitty Pryde is no longer the 13-year-old girl who joined the X-Men without having seen the murkiest depths of reality. Now, she is a veteran who has lived most of her life as a hero. So, I believe Kitty Pryde is capable enough to carry her own series and truly exhibit the attributes that make her a beloved character.

Havok aka Alex Summers of X-MEN: BLUE and UNCANNY AVENGERS

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Alex Summers aka Havok is often known as the younger brother of the notable X-Men leader, Cyclops. Cyclops maintained his first, and only, solo series in 2014. Havok’s relationship with his older brother has been historically complex, to say the least. Despite sharing blood and ties to the villainous Mr. Sinister, Havok is often depicted as Cyclops’ foil, contrasting his brother’s staunch leadership qualities. He asserts less composure than Cyclops and can be quite headstrong. One could also argue that Havok is more powerful than his brother. He possesses the ability to absorb cosmic energy and blast it, an ability he initially struggled to control and rendered him a dangerous threat.

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In 1989, Havok had a brief solo story arc in an eight-issue series. Of course, his character has changed significantly since then. He has served as a leader of the X-Force and has traveled to alternate realities that literally altered his mind. Most recently, Havok made an appearance in X-MEN BLUE, fighting against his brother, furthering the perception that they have a complicated relationship.

A solo series would provide Havok with the opportunity to explore his perceptions of heroism and his role in X-Men history. With this, his narrative could explore his potential resentment towards Cyclops and his personal desire for individuality. It may be a while before we ever see a Havok solo series come to fruition, but a girl can dream.

X’ian Coy Mahn aka Karma from ASTONISHING X-MEN and NEW MUTANTS

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Debuting in 1980, Xi’an Coy Manh aka Karma is a founding member of the New Mutants. Her primary ability is the power to possess another’s mind, enabling her with the capability to render some serious damage to opponents. She has also been depicted with the ability to alter the memories of another individual. Over the years, Karma has proven to be a trustworthy mentor to the younger students at the Xavier Institute.

Although her years with the X-Men retain positive characterization, her origins sustain trauma. As a sexual assault survivor and witness to the deaths of her mother and father, Karma has faced anguish that many of her X-Men teammates could never fathom. The Shadow King once possessed her and forced her to use her powers against her teammates. After a battle with Cameron Hodge, part of her leg was amputated. Despite the ordeals Karma has faced throughout her life, she is steadfast in her perceptions of heroism. She continues to act as a worthy, cultivated member of the X-Men.

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Because of this, it is quite unfortunate that Karma is often seen as a background character. Despite being the original leader of the New Mutants, casting for the upcoming NEW MUTANTS film failed to include the character. Hopefully, future comic book series deviate from this approach and give Karma the engaging narrative she deserves and is capable of carrying.

Angel aka Warren Worthington, III from UNCANNY X-FORCE

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Warren Worthington III aka Angel has the most history out of all the characters on this list. He made his debut in THE X-MEN #1 in 1963 as a member of the original X-Men squad. Since this debut, he has exhibited some interesting changes in character. His wings have transitioned from a feather composition to one of a metallic alloy. In recent issues, his wings embody cosmic energy. Upon first glance, Angel’s abilities may not seem all that compelling. However, his complex character history renders him a more engaging character.

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Angel served as one of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen various times. In these tenures, he exhibited ruthless tendencies that pit him against his former X-Men teammates. Of course, part of his servitude as a Horseman was not through his own will. Rather, there were times Apocalypse possessed Angel and forced him to serve. Still, Angel maintains a dark past that he cannot erase, which the “Dark Angel Saga” explores.  He has experienced death and trauma a multitude of times, contributing to numerous variations in his characterization.

A Fallen Angel of the Apocalypse

Recently, in ResurrXion’s X-MEN BLUE series, Angel is displaced in time with a few other original X-Men team members. Though he maintains an important presence on the team, the series has yet to provide Angel with much focus. Because of the character’s long and rich history, it is a shame that we have yet to see him carry his own narrative. I believe Angel deserves his time in the spotlight after half a century of intense characterization and story arcs.

Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage from NEW MUTANTS

Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Danielle Moonstar, formerly known as Psyche and currently known as Mirage, made her debut in 1982. She is often noted for being one of the founding members of the New Mutants and for being one of the few notable superheroes of Native American, specifically Cheyenne, origin. Since her debut though, she has experienced some interesting character development. Her origins consist of the villainous Demon Bear haunting her. Interestingly enough, the entity was an evil, mutated version of her parents. Additionally, her abilities have evolved over time. Beginning as a psychic with the ability to communicate with animals, Danielle Moonstar has grown into a formidable force.

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Moonstar possesses the ability to create illusions of another individual’s deepest fears and desires. This dark ability has inevitably exposed Moonstar to some ominous corners of the human mind. To empower her ability even further, she created energy arrows. These arrows can harness her powers and, upon impacting an enemy, will manifest that enemy’s worst fear. During a brief stint on Asgard, Moonstar attained another ability to experience premonitions of death. Ultimately, Moonstar’s continuously evolving powers provide her character with layers of complexity, particularly when her powers evoke the supernatural aspects living within the Marvel Universe.

The events of HOUSE OF M, in which Scarlet Witch strips most mutants of their powers, left Moonstar powerless. As a result, she became a mentor at the Xavier Institute for younger students who struggled to control their abilities. Thus, Danielle Moonstar is not only a strong, powerful force, but she is also a worthy, young leader. For these reasons, it would be incredibly interesting for a Moonstar solo series to explore the depths of her dark and complex abilities.

ResurrXion and Beyond

x-men solo series
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

ResurrXion has brought on some refreshing takes on the X-Men characters we know and love. It has been particularly exciting to see Iceman and Jean Grey star in their first solo series. With this, I hope to see more fan favorite X-Men get their moments to shine through exhilarating artwork and engaging narratives. There is a multitude of characters in X-Men history who truly deserve a solo series, certainly more than five. Because of all the potential still out there, I hope the future of Marvel Comics features original takes on heroes who have been awaiting their breakout.

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